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November 12th  2009       NPO-DEFC Representative  Dr. Seiji SAWADA
Name of the Organization NGO-DEFC  (Abbreviation of Demin-ing and Education For the Children)
Philosophy of the Organization On the concept of “Education for All”, which is a resolution of the United Nation, and for international mutual understanding, the NGO-DEFC works for young people living and studying at serious education conditions.
Objectives Objectives and Activities
DEFC’s mission is to realize a society, where people can live safely and are given opportunities to receive education, through implementation of various programs designed to make better environment for children and people in the challenging conditions such as underdeveloped or post-conflict regions, as well as to make contributions to mutual understanding beyond country borders.  To achieve these goals, DEFC is committed to carry out the following types of activities:
1. International cooperation
2. Protection of human rights and promotion of world peace
In order to implement the purpose described above, DEFC conducts the following projects:
1. Specified nonprofit activity related projects
① Provide assistance for enhancement of the educational environment in the developing countries.
② Cooperate with people to support their self-help efforts in achieving better life quality in the challenging conditions.
③ Collect information and raise awareness for human right protection and peace promotion.
④ Promote interaction and mutual understanding that go beyond country borders.
Activities DEFC has been implementing in Laos The 5th Picture Drawing Contest on Residual UXOs
The objectives of all activities in Lao PDR are to support study and learning of young generations, and mutual understanding on not governmental but people level between Laos and Japan.
The DEFC has been implementing three  activities. These are of  i) support of the Tanmixy District Library in Vientiane Special City, ii) Picture Drawing Contest for UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) Awareness Education in Syenkhuang, iii) school building and student dormitory construction in the country area.
i) support of the Tanmixy District Library in Vientiane Special City
i)  The Tanmixy District Library started in Dec. 2006 as a branch library belonging to the National Library, and for young people around there as a place of their study and leaning. The Library is opened almost every day, and 20-30 students and children visit. DEFC has been supporting the Library with books, stationary, desks, chairs, computer sets, play goods and running fee (annually around 5,000 US$ (Details please fined Reference 1 attached).   
ii) Picture Drawing Contest for UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) Awareness Education in Syenkhuang
ii) Picture Drawing Contest was started at 2006 by following MOU with Syengkhuang Education Office. Since then, the Contest has been implemented every year with DEFC support of 3,000US$ a year. So far around 20,000 among more than 100,000 students in Syengkhung Province, have joined the Contest (Details please fined Reference 2 attached).
iii) school building and student dormitory construction in the country area
iii) For school and student dormitory building construction, DEFC mainly works as the coordinator between donors and the Provincial or District Education Office. The coordination work is from place selection of building, contract and inspection of construction, payment, donor trip from Japan for opening ceremony, and after care, etc. The Construction budget depends on donors. So far the DEFC has worked for construction of 9 buildings. These are 4 elementary school, 3 secondary school, and 2 dormitory buildings (Details please fined Reference 3 attached).
Scope of DEFC Activity Since all activities (mentioned below) are having good results last three years, the DEFC would like to continue and expand these activities with increased total budgets.
Organization Statutes The NPO-DEFC is registered by the Kobe District Juridical Office. Any person can be a member of DEFC, who agrees the DEFC concept and pay subscription fee.
Money of NGO-DEFC activities depends on membership fee and donation from supporters and common people in Japan.
The budget of NGO-DEFC has been less than 70,000 US$ last year, including school building construction, and excluding travel, insurance costs, office expenses. There are no staff receiving salary.
Back Ground of the Organization The representative of DEFC Dr. Seiji SAWADA, emeritus professor of the Kyoto University of Education in Japan, worked as an JICA expert at the Ministry of Education of Lao PDR for 2.5 years (2003.4-2005.9).
Through the work at the Ministry of Education, Dr. SAWADA visited many Provincial Education Offices and schools to see real education circumstances in the Country and understood students studying at serious conditions. Dr. SAWADA has met a lot of teachers and people who are very eager to develop education in Lao PDR.
After his JICA expert work, he established the NGO-DEFC with his associates and some supporters. The NGO-DEFC started small activities for education, in particular at rural area of Lao PDR.
Address of the Headquarters Japan 650-0022  Hyog prefecture, Kobe-shi, Cyuo-ku, Motomachi tohri 6 chome, 7  ban, 9 gou,  Akimai build. 3F
Telephone   +81-774-63-2060
Board Members Mr. SAWADA Seiji
Mr. IMORI Daishi
Ms. SAWADA Sayaka
Mr. NOMOTO Naoki
Ms. HATANO Hiroko
Mr. FUJISAWA Yasuhiro
Ms. YOSHIDA Itsuko