“No more bomb but school No more mines but textbooks! “

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For the past seven years, DEFC has provided educational support in destitute areas of Laos with a social mission to “No more bomb but school!  No more mines but textbooks! ”  During those years, we have built one library, launched an annual picture drawing contest, and helped with a number of school constructions.  In recent years, we have started a scholarship and a small school lunch program.  All of our successes could not have been possible without help from our supporters.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support and help.

Our library, which is located in a suburb of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is officially one of annex libraries of the Laos National Library.  The library serves as a hub where children in the neighborhood can play, learn, and meet travelers and visitors from Japan or other countries.


Left and center: snaps at the library, right: a work showing “Bombs” are dangerous!

We support a picture drawing contest to protect children from UXOs (unexploded ordnance, an explosive residual ammunition, mainly cluster bombs), used during the Vietnam War and internal conflict about half a century ago.  For the last six years, we have asked primary school students to draw pictures in their classes for demonstrating their knowledge of UXOs and injury prevention, awarded prizes to the best pictures and introduced those winning works in Japan.

We have supported construction of primary school building and student dormitory for secondary school students, installation of gravity water-supply systems at rural villages, and subsequent support of electricity, electric fan and lighting, playground equipment etc..  DEFC functions as a coordinator between financial supporters (individual or group) and the local authorities in Laos. Our policy dictates that supporter money only covers expenses for the purchase of building materials and that villagers provide labor for construction.  As such, we have supported more than twenty five facilities so far.


Handover ceremony of Namsat village school building (2013).
All-out construction by villagers at Cha-phu village (2013).
Dormitory (buck side right) and students with their supporters at Pak-ou Secondary School (2013).

Two years ago, we launched a scholarship program providing US$10/person a month to secondary school students for three years. Students in local regions are selected on the basis of their proximity to schools, school grades, and life quality. On this program, we ask supporters to write a letter of encouragement with a picture, and students to send a picture and letter showing their life and study, so that both students and their supporters can feel engaged with one another. We DEFC work for coordination, and have been able to support this scholarship to twenty-two students. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are planning to expand the scholarship for more students.

Very recently we have started a small lunch program for children at a mountain village, with support from the International Soroptimist in Japan.

We strive to make our accounting processes transparent, which ensures that we are responsible for every a single coin, [O1]  we receive from our donors.  Due to our cross-border activity, our finances are rather complicated as we use four different currencies and FOREX is involved, but we place priority on keeping all accounting clear and easy to understand.

We appreciate it very much for your understanding and support to our work.

Thank you


Dr. Seiji SAWADA, DEFC Representative